Friday, March 16, 2012

Reflecting on Kony 2012 (Laura Jean gets published!)

A few days ago, I said to Tim "so... have you been following this Kony thing?" He replied, "I've been trying to ignore it."

I found myself pulled into the internet discussions about it, because all of these themes are things that my work here in Nicaragua raises for me. I spend a lot of time thinking about: colonialism and its legacy, channeling goodwill into good action, raising awareness of needs that people have in far-away places, and having respect for the agency, resources, and creativity of people living in difficult situations.

These things become even more pressing, as does the question of how you tell stories, when we do the part of our work that is interpreting what's going on in Nicaragua to the churches back home. And a big part of that interpretation is looming large on our horizon, as we prepare to support La Misión Cristiana (The Christian Mission Church of Nicaragua) as they receive 8 U.S. church groups between May and August. I am very invested in those visits going well, blessing both the visitors and the visited.

So, with all these things whirling in my head, my friend Bromleigh encouraged me to write a blog post for the Christian Century about it. And I did. And they published it!

Here it is.