Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Tour, Part One

Maya was born on September 12th, and we planned our family leave so that we could spend just over a month introducing her to her various relatives in the United States. We also planned it so that we would be in the U.S. for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. That timing meant we were there for Tim's mom's birthday, as well as Tim's and Quinn's. It also gave us enough time to do the paperwork to get Maya's Nicaraguan and U.S. birth certificates and passports so we could travel with her.

(Quinn actually had four birthday parties this year! The first with her classmates before we left Nicaragua, the second a few days before her birthday when we were still in California, the third: cake, singing, and a couple presents on her actual birthday, and a final bash with family in the DC area the weekend after her birthday. Let's just hope she doesn't expect 5 parties next year!)

Our flights (Managua to Houston, Houston to LA) were blessedly uneventful. Maya, at 6 weeks, slept most of the time. Quinn was really good and patient most of the way and only got bored or frustrated a couple of times. Highlights of our time in California included:

A visit to Storyland

Trick or treating!

Quinn was a butterfly fairy, and this was her first year trick or treating. (Last year she was old enough, but we were in Nicaragua, where it's not a tradition.) She was very excited about the costume, going out with her friends, and of course, the candy.

Maya was a pumpkin.

We spent a lovely day at Yosemite for Tim's mother's birthday, but forgot the camera! We also took a day trip to Oakland to visit our old stomping grounds and some dear friends and family.

We took a day trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Maya met her great-grandma Evie.

Quinn had her Fresno birthday party.

The best part, of course, was getting to spend quality time with the Tim-connected side of our family.
Quinn even decorated her Nana and Papa's Christmas tree before we left!

Look for the highlights of our time in DC soon...

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