Friday, September 30, 2011

More Maya

Maya is now 2.5 weeks old and has been quite busy!

As Marty says, taking passport photos for infants is pretty easy, but there's still something a little absurd about it.  I mean the photo above will represent her until she's five years old!  So far we've been successful in getting her official birth certificate from the city government, and we went to the U.S. Embassy to apply for her U.S. passport (3 weeks processing time). 

Since she was born here, she's officially a dual Nica-U.S. citizen, and getting her Nica passport is on today's to-do list.  We're planning a "baby tour" to the states in November and it turns out that she'll need both for leaving and entering the country.
So far we've been amazed at how much Maya looks like newborn baby Quinn.  Here she posed with a picture of Quinn taken the day she was born.  Two peas!

Speaking of Quinn, she's totally excited to be the big sister.  She's adapting very well to the change and is constantly washing her hands so she can "hold the baby."  Her hands have never been so clean and Maya is getting lots and lots of good hugs.  Win win. 

Last weekend we put in a brief appearance at la Misión's annual Día de la Biblia celebration (see here for photos from last year).  Both Quinn and Maya got to wear their new dresses, although Maya basically slept through the whole thing.

We have been extremely lucky to have had family visiting us during this time.  Having a slew of people to play with Quinn and read her books has definitely helped with the transition.  Here's my sister Jessica holding her new niece.  Aunt Holly also came down to visit us for a few weeks, and although she had to go back before Maya arrived, she was super-helpful and we had a lot of fun.

Here's my Mom and Quinn hanging out with Maya and teaching her some new life skills.

My Dad, plus a yawning baby

Hanging out in the backyard

I love hugs!  Just recently, Maya has started exiting that initial "sleepy baby" phase.  Her eyes are open a lot more now and she's looking around and starting to make sense of the world.  She seems pretty excited for anyone to hold her, and has even made friends with a toy owl.


  1. LOVE that picture with Quinn "sleeping" cuddled up next to Maya, soooo sweet! And you're going to be in trouble in like 10 years, when they ask whose baby picture is it and you get it wrong. That's why I was brilliant enough to have newborns with totally different hair colors :-p

  2. Hey Marty - yeah, I know. That's why we're counting on date tagging our photos =)