Sunday, September 9, 2012

Plate Tectonics on the Brain

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the earthquake that destroyed Managua in 1972, and the media loves to remind us that Managua has suffered a big earthquake, oh, roughly every 40 to 45 years give or take. 1885, 1931, 1972, 20??, dot dot dot. Cue ominous background music.

The local geosphere is also getting in on the fun and doing its best to freak everybody out. First we had increased activity at Volcán Masaya so much that they had to close the park to visitors. Then biggish earthquakes in neighboring El Salvador (7.3) and Costa Rica (7.6), plus a series of mini-tremors underneath Lake Managua. And now a big eruption at Volcán San Cristobal near Chinandega.

Anyway, seismic activity has been on everyone's mind and lips this week. We prayed for the evacuees last night at church. Hopefully, these events are just the fault lines letting off some steam! And if you're interested, Global Voices has posted some videos of the volcano eruption taken by local citizens.
Image by Ricci Rich Silva via Twitpic. Via Global Voices.

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