Friday, May 13, 2011

Que caiga un aguacero

We have come to the dusty end of Nicaragua's dry season and in the months ahead we will be well and truly inundated by the rains.  By the end of our summer season Managua is dry and yellow, the drainage canals are clogged with months of accumulated trash, and everyone complains constantly about the heat.  Dust covers everything in our house.  The whole city needs a shower.  I rub the sweat from the back of my neck and my hand gets dirty.  Antici... pation!

But then last week we had our first downpour and even a little bit of hail (!!!).  Check out this video of the waters surging through the canals.  And then this evening we're getting another (much lighter) rainfall.  It feels wonderfully cool right now and the sound of rain on the roof is just about perfect, and I'm happy thinking that we have more of this to look forward to in the months to come (although I know that temperature won't always been this pleasant).

Anyway, to celebrate the start of the rainy season, here's a song beloved by Spanish teachers everywhere thanks to its catchy melody and prominent use of the present subjunctive mood.
(You can find the lyrics and an English translation here.)

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