Friday, April 8, 2011

Touristy Stuff

Here's a bunch of photos that I haven't blogged about because they were taken while we were having "fun" rather than "working" -- although sometimes its hard to tell which is which =)
I really love this one of Quinn and Laura Jean floating in the Laguna de Apoyo, which is a nearby volcanic lake that is just about perfect for swimming. Warm, calm, little bits of pumice floating along with you.

The Volcán Masaya is an active volcano located about a 20 minute drive from our house. You can drive right to the rim, park you car (facing outward, for safety) and look right in. It's totally awesome, but you can't really linger up there thanks to the toxic gases.

There's not a ton of tourist attractions in Managua itself, but the Plaza de la Revolución is pretty cool (if usually weirdly deserted). Looming to one side are the remains of the old cathedral, destroyed in the 1972 earthquake and never properly rebuilt.

The Laguna de Tiscapa is the highest point in Managua and was the site of Somoza's mansion. So naturally after the revolution they erected a giant statue of Augusto César Sandino in its place.

The Laguna is also the perfect spot for great views of Managua and the lake behind. Here's my sister Jessica and Quinn watching the sun set.

The view of beautiful Granada from a church bell-tower.

Amy and Laura Jean having lunch.

Jess trying out the swinging chairs.

Quinn in the garden.

Some guy with a bell.

Another view of Granada from above, with the volcanoes of Ometepe rising in the distance.

Volcán Mombacho rising over Granada.

Margaret and Brendan in front of the cathedral in León.


  1. Great and beautiful photos!! So glad you have gotten out to do some of the explorations I know you all wanted to!! You are in such a beautiful country.... :)